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More Love For Scour-Off!!!
April 14, 2010, 12:29 pm
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In an earlier blog post, I showed the amazing power of Scour-Off, which I used to clean the inside of my oven.

Last week, I decided to try it out on something else: my kitchen grout.

Who knew the grout was supposed to be white???  Ever since we lived here, the ceramic tiles were surrounded by dark lines, which I assumed was normal.

Last week my sister asked me to get her some Scour Off.  Ironically, she had just spend a boatload of time and energy cleaning her kitchen grout with a baking soda paste.  She knows I find bleach products to be the devil, and besides, she wanted something non-toxic for the safety of her cats.  I told her next time to try the Scour-Off, then went off to try it out myself.

Can you tell which tiles were cleaned with Scour-Off?

I can tell you it took very little elbow grease to get it this clean; all you need is a small amount of the paste (which looks red from cherry pits and smells delish!) and some water (or a sprayer with Basic-H2) to get a clean this good.

I have used Scour-Off to get permanent marker out of wood, wine and Kool-Aid stains off my formica counters, cleaned my bathtub and shower stall, and get marks off walls.  It is so powerful, Jacques Cousteau had used it on his boat decks for the Wild Dolphin Project, and because it is biodegradable and non-toxic, it was not harmful to ocean life.

Start greening your household and replace your abrasive cleaners and bleach products with Scour-Off-one step to creating a healthier home environment!


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