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Alternative Energy
January 10, 2008, 6:49 am
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We recently purchased a lot on which we plan to build a house in the next couple of years.  Although my husband & I had commented repeatedly in the pst that it would be nice to utilize some form of alternative energy source,  it never went beyond *talk*.  Now with this project ahead that we can plan any way we want, we’ve begun to research and seriously consider a couple of energy options in our future home.

We’re almost certainly going to implement geothermal heating.  This method has been along since Roman times; it conducts the heat from deep down in the earth.  It doesn’t produce heat, but rather transfers it.

Another method we’re seriously considering is solar power.  There are several homes in our neighborhood with solar panels on the roof–it’s nice to see that some people are taking the initiative to find different ways to power their home.  Solar power is expensive on the front end (at the time components are purchased and installed), but the savings over time pay for it many times over.  Since this is going to be our last and final home (I call it our final resting place!), it is an investment that we’ll recover in cost savings.

Here in Chicago, the Museum of Science & Industry is building a *smart home* on its campus.  It will be a fully functioning exhibit that people will be able to tour.  The 2,500 sq. foot home will have water conservation features like a gray water system that will filter sink water and direct it to the toilets, and the toilets will have the 2-button flush system.  One for #1, and a more powerful flush for *the other* one ;^)

Its energy sources will be solar and wind energy, and it will also feature cost-saving materials that are recycled and energy efficient: triple-pane windows, LED light fixtures, cement siding, and *smart* technologies compliments of Wired magazine.

It’s heartening to think that our attitudes concerning alternative energy is changing in this country, to one of acceptance and consideration.  There is no doubt that we need to look to more creative ways to harness energy, in a way that will respect the planet and her resources.