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Autism & Nutrition–Part 2


This article appears as part of a chapter in the OFFICIAL AUTISM 101 MANUAL published by Autism Today, 2006.  The first part of this chapter may be found at yesterday’s blog entry.

 Contributing Author Laurence A. Becker, Ph.D., Creative Learning Environments

The little booklet, HEALTHY KIDS, by Betsy & Ginny Vaughn has also been making a significant impact on the lives of children and families. (now also available are HEALTHY WOMEN and HEALTHY MEN, & HEALTHY PETS)  Since receiving a copy from a friend, I have ordered and shared over 200 additional copies.  HEALTHY KIDS contains 130 accounts by parents, nurses, and doctors, who shared their experiences of using nutritional supplements instead of drugs to bring health and well being to countless children and their families.  The introduction is by a pediatrician, Linda P. Rodriguez, M.D., who has been using this approach for over twenty years in her medical practice.  The complete index for the booklet lists all of the articles that relate to a specific childhood health problem and also lists the specific nutritional supplements that were used in each account.  It has been such a joy for us to share this valuable resource with so many people.  Copies of the book may be obtained by calling us (512-454-4489) or by calling 800-669-8162 or by email


            One other resource needs to be mentioned: THE WILDEST COLTS MAKE THE BEST HORSES by John Breeding, Ph.D.   From the book jacket:

             This timely book calls for a halt to the epidemic drugging of young

            people in our society today for so-called ADHD.  John Breeding is

            a clear, strong advocate for young people and a great ally to parents

            wanting support to resist pressure to label and drug their children.

            He offers a wealth of information and guidance to concerned adults

            on biopsychiatry, on schools, and on counseling children.

            “The truth about Ritalin, ADHD, and other ‘Disruptive Behavior Disorders.”

            Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share some of my experience with you.

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“But this is one of the things that love is called upon to do: To affirm and sustain the seed in a fellow human being even though no tangible evidence has been given of the nature and quality of the seed that is growing there.  Love is needed while the seed is still a potentiality….In this sense, the capacity to love depends upon the capacity to feel the reality of the future before it has tipped its hand, before the seed has disclosed itself, and while there is still no more specific basis for judgment than a feeling that links the depths of one person to the seed depths of another.  Love depends upon the capacity to reach beneath the surface of persons, to feel and touch the seed of life that is hidden there.  And love becames a power when it is capable of evoking that seed and drawing it forth from its hiding place.”

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