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Gen X Moms

Women want the chance to live a healthier life, to give that gift to others, with an income opportunity that offers freedom, more time to spend with family, extra income and the possibility to qualify for luxurious trips to fabulous destinations, all while making a positive difference in the world! Shaklee offers women (and men) the chance to take charge of their lives!

Did you know that for Generation X Moms:

* “Balance” is the Holy Grail: Generation X Moms will sacrifice a career and money for more time with their children
* 33% of Generation X was from a broken home
* No more “Soccer Mom”: Generation X Moms are rejecting the idea of an overworked mom
* More than 50% of Generation X women have a 2-4 year college degree and 10% have a graduate degree
* 25% of Generation X Moms spend 12+ hours a day childrearing
* Fathers are more involved: 48% of fathers spend 3-6 hours a week childrearing
* Generation X debt levels are 78% higher than Boomers

The ideal situation for a Generation X Mom is to have a flexible career.  More and more moms are learning to work from home and telecommute.  Although their children are the main focus, they do not want to be “June Cleaver.” They still want to keep the “non-mom” sides of their lives intact and alive. As a result, they seek support from their peers in the form of groups, either online or face to face.

Shaklee is the perfect solution for this younger demographic of moms!

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February Specials at Health By Nature

health-apple.jpgJanuary was a great month for folks looking to *go green* in their homes, getting rid of household products containing harmful toxins, and switching our non-toxic, eco-friendly line of cleaners.  February has some great opportunities to focus on *you*.

The weight management starter kit is in itself a great value–from now until March 31st, when you order a kit, you can also get a box of shake packets for 50% off.

Customers can also receive a box of shake mix packets for 50% off when they order 2 boxes of the all-new meal replacement bars.  They are nutritionally complete and packed with protein to keep you feeling full and satisfied.

There’s also a new shake mix flavor available: strawberry joins chocolate, vanilla and café latté. This shake tastes just like fresh strawberries, and like all the other nutritional products, no artificial sweeteners, flavors or ingredients.

Also on special these next 2 months is some skincare products.  Order the night repair formula which features pure vitamins C & E, and get the skin calming treatment for 50% off.

In addition, I am personally offering 2 specials of my own.

Place an order through the Health By Nature store of 75 PV or more, and you will receive a certificate worth free shipping off your next 50 PV order.

For those considering the business opportunity:

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