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Gen X Moms

Women want the chance to live a healthier life, to give that gift to others, with an income opportunity that offers freedom, more time to spend with family, extra income and the possibility to qualify for luxurious trips to fabulous destinations, all while making a positive difference in the world! Shaklee offers women (and men) the chance to take charge of their lives!

Did you know that for Generation X Moms:

* “Balance” is the Holy Grail: Generation X Moms will sacrifice a career and money for more time with their children
* 33% of Generation X was from a broken home
* No more “Soccer Mom”: Generation X Moms are rejecting the idea of an overworked mom
* More than 50% of Generation X women have a 2-4 year college degree and 10% have a graduate degree
* 25% of Generation X Moms spend 12+ hours a day childrearing
* Fathers are more involved: 48% of fathers spend 3-6 hours a week childrearing
* Generation X debt levels are 78% higher than Boomers

The ideal situation for a Generation X Mom is to have a flexible career.  More and more moms are learning to work from home and telecommute.  Although their children are the main focus, they do not want to be “June Cleaver.” They still want to keep the “non-mom” sides of their lives intact and alive. As a result, they seek support from their peers in the form of groups, either online or face to face.

Shaklee is the perfect solution for this younger demographic of moms!

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Dreams, Goals, and a Desire to Succeed

I have goals, and I want to succeed.  Really, who doesn’t?  It is human nature to want to accomplish something on one’s own, and be rewarded for it.  When I started my own business, it was a first step to achieving my dreams.

The first thing to examine is what you want to get out of  it.  More money?  Flexible hours?  More time to spend with family or to get a little *me* time?  A sense of self-worth, that you are making a difference in the world? Personal growth & development?

Next, map out a path to get there.  How much time are you willing to put in?  What can you invest, both financially and in labor (because time is money!)?  How can you disseminate information and market your business?

There are a lot of at-home businesses available.  Many are scams, others are legit.  By researching companies, you will find the  one that’s right for you.

Steer clear of gimmicky or niche businesses.  Those are the kinds of businesses that sell a product to a select segment of the population, and the products are things that would be purchased one time or infrequently. Choose a company that you fully stand behind.  If you are not truly *sold* on a company’s product, how do you expect to get others convinced?

Lastly, enjoy it.  If you don’t love what you’re doing every day, then you really need to stop doing it.  I am passionate about my business–I am making a difference in the lives of others, and the impact we have on the planet. The products’ quality is measured by the solid research and longevity of the company’s success–over 50 years and growing exponentially.

If you would like to learn more about the opportunities joining my team has to offer, visit my site.  You can contact me using the *contact me* link in the upper right-hand corner of my web page.  Whatever your journey, I wish you success!

Welcome to my world!
January 7, 2008, 3:49 pm
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Thank you for visiting my blog! I hope you’ll want to visit regularly and contribute to this site to share anything on your mind about health and the environment.

First, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Lisa, and I live in a suburb of Chicago. Since childhood, my *pet cause* has always been the environment. In high school, I led a movement to eliminate styrofoam trays in the cafeteria, which were not recyclable, and replace them with eco-friendly cardboard ones. I participated in voluntary recycling programs. As an adult, I went on to become an educator and was able to incorporate eco-awareness into the curriculum.

Fast forward 9 years. I am now a SAHM to 3 lovely girls, ages, 9, 6 & 2. Heaven knows they keep me busy, and parenting is a job with rewards like no other. Despite that, I still had a restlessness to do something useful in another arena outside the home. Last spring, a fellow mom at my kids’ school introduced me to Get Clean. You may have seen these products on an Earth Day segment on Oprah (which was in re-runs this past week), or on her “Favorite Things” episode, or perhaps on BGTV. This mom loaned me some of the non-toxic, “green” cleaning products to take home over the weekend and try. On Monday, I ordered the whole set.

It wasn’t until October that I decided to try my hand at a home-based business. Never had I dreamed I would do anything remotely related to sales–it’s just never been my *gig*. But to me, it’s not about sales–it’s about making a difference, one home at a time, and improving the lives of others. I realized that this is my way to do something meaningful while maintaining my *stay-at-home* status and not sacrificing any time with my kids. What a win-win situation!

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